About us

Hello, Rainbow Fresh!
Rainbow Fresh was born during the pandemic, and inspired by a strong will to engage with the local community. We are a tight-knit team run by a group of enthusiastic women who love cooking and share this passion with others. Through our work, we seek to preserve some traditional cooking recipes and methods under the trend of having a fast-paced lifestyle, and maximise the using of locally produced ingredients All of our food is made with the principle of being nutritious, fresh and delicious. Our products range from sophisticated slow-cooked recipes to easy to-go finger food, satisfying various needs of all our customers.
A good, warm dish is the one and the only thing that recalls your memories of happiness, soothes your heart and gives you a sense of belonging. So no matter whether you are visiting the crowded farmers market, or spending time with your loved one in private dinner party, Rainbow Fresh will always bring you a pleasant surprise.
Join us and keep an eye on your lucky Rainbow in this tough time. A fresh, healthy, and tasty new recipe is something great to keep on a new page of your diary.